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Drug Information

Detailed drug usage, side effects, lactation and pregnancy categories, price, pharma company and generics are included in the drug information.

Drugs Catalog has information of 1,00,000 drugs prescribed for patients in India regularly. Side effects, usage, Generic salts and combinations… etc are given in detail.

Recently added Drugs

3a Pan Inj 40 Mg
3a Taz 1000 Mg
3a Taz 250 Mg
3a Xim Dt 100 Mg
3a Xim Dt 200 Mg
Bactoff 200 Mg
Triazid 1000 Mg
Triazid 250 Mg
3m Micropore Tape 1 Inch 1g
3m Micropore Tape 3 Inch 1
3m Opticlude Eye Patch Junior 1
3m Tegaderm Pad 1
Gevital Cap
Moxilup 500mg Tab
Amidraa 150mg Inj 3ml
Dopaa Inj 5ml
Ivipara Inj 1000mg 100ml
Ciprob 250 Mg
Ameco 500 Mcg
Ameco Plus
Aova 10 Mg
Aova 20 Mg
Azauk 100 15 Ml
Azauk 200 15 Ml
Azauk 250 Mg
Azauk 500 Mg
Bixro 16 Mg
Bixro 8 Mg
Carlev Forte
Cenoza 75 Mg
Cenoza A
Ciz Le 5 Mg
Ctmor Tz 1125g 1125g
Ctmor Tz 2815mg
Elure 1
Eremis 2
Esfancy 10 Mg
Esfany 10 Mg
Espancy 10 Mg
Farris 1
Farris Syr 1
Gadz 1 Mg
Gadz 2 Mg
Gatmor 400 Mg
Gesry 300mg
Gesry 400mg
Graptor 320 Mg
Grovitaminal 1
Grovitaminal Insta 1
Grovitaminal Kid 1
Grovitaminal Mom 1
Hireto 60 Mg
Hireto 90 Mg
Hobs 1
Hobss 1
Jaizzy 50 Mg
Kezar 1
Kiwilac 40million
Lanxes 25 Mg
Lanxes 50 Mg
Maeve 1
Marnif 1000 Mg
Matce 500 Mg
Matcep 15
Matcep 30
Matcepg 1
Mexes Xl 25 Mg
Mexes Xl 50 Mg
Mexeser 25mg
Mexeser 50mg
Mocef 1000 Mg
Mocef 250 Mg
Mocef 500 Mg
Mufe 1
Nipp 200 Mg
Nipp 50 30 Ml
Nipp Dt 100 Mg
Nitzix 30 Ml
Nitzix 500 Mg
Nyfe 25 Mg
Nyfe 5 Mg
Onsat 30 Ml
Oukat 20 Mg
Oukat 40 Mg
Perinex 75gm
Pokr 15 Mg


Generic salts are what used to manufacture the drugs. Browse through the list of Generic salts to filter the drug you wish to find information about.

Recently added Generics

Acetyl Cysteine
Acetyl LCarnitine


List of drug manufacturers in India is given. Find the pharma company from the list with their products links.

Recently added Pharmas

3A Pharmaceuticals
3M India Ltd
AAA Pharma
Aabtac Lifecare Pvt Ltd
Aamorb Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Aan Pharma Pvt Ltd
Aar Ess Remedies Pvt Ltd
Aareen Healthcare
Aaron Healthcare Export PvtLtd

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