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Braille Institute Library Services November 4, 2013

Braille Institute Library Services is a health related organization- Library, Special. It is also known as  Braille Institute Library Services, Braille Institute Of America, Inc. and is located at:

Braille Institute Library Services, 741 North Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, Ca 90029.

Contact Phone Numbers: (800) 808-2555 (toll-free) (323) 660-3880 (323) 663-1111 ext. 1500

Email: reference@brailib.org

Internet Address: http://www.brailleinstitute.org/library

Main activities of Braille Institute Library Services:

  • Braille Institute Library Services is a program of the Braille Institute of American, Inc., whose mission is the elimination of blindness and severe sight loss as a barrier to the fulfillment of life.
  • Designated by the Library of Congress as a Regional Library of the National Library Service since 1934, the Braille Institute Library Services provides books, magazines, descriptive videos, daily news, and other brailled and recorded material for loan to visually impaired, physically handicapped, and reading-disabled library patrons in Southern California.
  • The Braille Institute Library Services operates five regional centers, with depositories at hundreds of public libraries and private organizations throughout southern California.
  • Additional services available to patrons include monthly book club meetings and Telephone Reader, a service that offers users a way to “read” timely local newspapers through their touch-tone telephones.

Other Information:

National Network Of Libraries Of Medicine Region: 7
Holdings: Talking books; cassettes; descriptive videos; magazines; music materials; and databases