Triglimisave Hs 1

Triglimisave Hs 1, Glimepiride drug usage and Side effects and usage

Generic: Glimepiride
Lab: Eris Enzo Biopharma
Usage: Noninsulin dependent diabetes

Drug brand named Triglimisave Hs 1 is manufactured by Eris Enzo Biopharma and mainly contents the generic drug Glimepiride.

Package: 10
Active Ingredients of Triglimisave Hs 1: Glimepiride 1MG Pioglitazone 15MG

For what type of diseases Triglimisave Hs 1 may be prescribed

Noninsulin dependent diabetes

What are the known Side Effects of Triglimisave Hs 1

Nausea stomach upset skin rash acute toxicity

Precautions before taking Triglimisave Hs 1

Medicines that can increase blood sugar can reverse the action of glimepiride These drugs include diuretics for example hydrochlorothiazide Hydrodiuril Ezide HydroPar Microzide and many combinations with other drugs furosemide Lasix corticosteroids such a

Can we use Triglimisave Hs 1 during pregnency

Pregnancy Category D

Can we use Triglimisave Hs 1 during lactation

Lactation Category: L4

Significance of Triglimisave Hs 1

This medication is an oral hypoglycemic antidiabetic drug prescribed for type 2 diabetes

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