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Concor Cor 125mg Tab 10s

Drug brand named Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S is manufactured by MERCK LIMITED and mainly contents the generic drug Bisoprolol.
Package: 10SX1

Active Ingredients of Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S

Bisoprolol 125 mg

Can we use Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S during pregnency

Pregnancy C Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and wellcontrolled studies in humans but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks

Can we use Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S during lactation

Lactation L5 Studies in breastfeeding mothers have demonstrated that there is significant and documented risk to the infant based on human experience or it is a medication that has a high risk of causing significant damage to an infant The risk of using the drug in breastfeeding women clearly outweighs any possible benefit from breastfeeding The drug is contraindicated in women who are breastfeeding an infant

For what type of diseases Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S may be prescribed

Hypertension Coronary artery disease

What are the known Side Effects of Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S

Nausea stomach upset skin rash acute toxicity

Precautions before taking Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S

Rifampin may increase the metabolism destruction of bisoprolol possibly making bisoprolol less effective Certaincalcium channel blockers especially verapamil Calan Isoptin and diltiazemCardizem Tiazac may enhance the effect of bisoprolol on the heart In some patients this may cause excessive slowing of the heart rate or reduce the hearts ability to beat The use of digoxin Lanoxin with bisoprolol also may cause an excessive reduction in heart rate

Significance of Concor Cor 125Mg Tab 10S

Bisoprolol belongs to a class of drugs called betaadrenergic receptor blocking agents that also includespropranolol Inderal atenolol Tenormin and timolol Blocadren Bisoprolol is used for treating high blood pressure and heart pain angina Bisoprolol prevents the neurotransmitters chemicals that nerves use to communicate with other nerves norepinephrine and epinephrine adrenaline from binding to beta receptors on nerves By blocking the effect of norepinephrine and epinephrine on the nerves reaching the heart and blood vessels beta blockers reduce heart rate and the force with which the heart contracts and reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels but may constrict air passages by stimulating the muscles that surround the air passages Angina occurs when the hearts need for oxygen exceeds the supply of oxygencarrying blood By slowing heart rate and decreasing the force with which the heart muscle contracts bisoprolol reduces the work of the heart and the demand of the heart for oxygen

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