Pepticaine Liquid 120ml

Pepticaine Liquid 120ml Side Effects, Precautions and Significance of Pepticaine Liquid 120ml

Generic: Aluminium Hydroxide; Lab: PFIZER LIMITED
Usage: Hyperacidity

Pepticaine Liquid 120ml is manufactured by PFIZER LIMITED and contents the generic drug Aluminium Hydroxide

Package: 1
Active Ingredients of Pepticaine Liquid 120ml: Aluminium Hydroxide 250 mg Dimethicone Activated NA Magnesium Hydroxide 250 mg Oxethazaine 10 mg

For what type of diseases Pepticaine Liquid 120ml may be prescribed


What are the known Side Effects of Pepticaine Liquid 120ml

Nausea stomach upset skin rash acute toxicity

Precautions before taking Pepticaine Liquid 120ml

Aluminium Hydroxide and Oxide is known to interact with other drugs likeAlfacalcidol Azithromycin Calcitriol Carbenoxolone Na CefpodoximeChlordiazepoxide HCl Chloroquine Cimetidine HCl Citric AcidClopidogrel Diacerein Diflunisal Digoxin Ethambutol HCl Eti

Can we use Pepticaine Liquid 120ml during pregnency

Pregnancy Category D

Can we use Pepticaine Liquid 120ml during lactation

Lactation Category: L5

Significance of Pepticaine Liquid 120ml

Aluminum hydroxide is an antacid It neutralizes and reduces stomach acidity and relieves heartburning and indigestion Aluminium Hydroxide and Oxide is used to treat stomach upsets ulcers or other digestive disorders It may also be used to increase phospha

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