Corbis 5 Mg

Corbis 5 Mg, Bisoprolol drug usage and Side effects and usage

Generic: Bisoprolol
Lab: Unichem Laboratories Ltd
Usage: Hypertension Coronary artery disease

Drug brand named Corbis 5 Mg is manufactured by Unichem Laboratories Ltd and mainly contents the generic drug Bisoprolol.

Package: 10 Tablet
Active Ingredients of Corbis 5 Mg: Bisoprolol 5 mg

For what type of diseases Corbis 5 Mg may be prescribed

Hypertension Coronary artery disease

What are the known Side Effects of Corbis 5 Mg

Nausea stomach upset skin rash acute toxicity

Precautions before taking Corbis 5 Mg

Rifampin may increase the metabolism destruction of bisoprolol possibly making bisoprolol less effective Certaincalcium channel blockers especially verapamil Calan Isoptin and diltiazemCardizem Tiazac may enhance the effect of bisoprolol on the heart In s

Can we use Corbis 5 Mg during pregnency

Pregnancy Category C

Can we use Corbis 5 Mg during lactation

Lactation Category: L5

Significance of Corbis 5 Mg

Bisoprolol belongs to a class of drugs called betaadrenergic receptor blocking agents that also includespropranolol Inderal atenolol Tenormin and timolol Blocadren Bisoprolol is used for treating high blood pressure and heart pain angina Bisoprolol preven

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